Join The Armada

We are always looking for new CMDR’s to join our cause. If you would like to join Adles Armada then just follow the steps below.

Step 1: Join our Inara page

All you need to do is register HERE for Inara under your CMDR name which takes only a minute and click the “join Adle’s Armada now!” banner on the right of our wing page. You will be accepted before too long.

Step 2: Pop onto our TeamSpeak

Our Teamspeak is an open server and you do not require a password.

Just connect your TeamSpeak client to and wait for a member to drag you down to the ops room or someone meets you in the lobby. If you get in and don’t see anyone, don’t panic! If you are new to the server and have no tags, you will not be able to see anyone or join any of the rooms so please wait until someone greets you and gives you tags.

You can Download the latest version of TeamSpeak HERE

Step 3: Introduce yourself! 

Let us know what you’re into, whether it be PvE or PvP, we will give you the TS tag that best suits your playstyle. If you are newer to the game, but are interested in PvP, we may give you PvE tags just so you can work our backgrond simulation and make some money before
engaging in hardcore PvP with us just so you have some insurance money. Once you have joined you can register HERE for our forum and say hi on the introduction thread.

Step 4: Just hang out!

Everyone new to our Teamspeak starts with recruit tags, but the more you hangout and work PvP/PvE missions with us, we will eventually move you into the official AA (PvP) or AAAC (PvE) tags as a full member.