The Armada

Adle’s Armada is the oldest, most powerful and most well established Federation aligned group in Elite Dangerous. We were formed out of a deep need for a positive combat force in the game, therefore we go where we feel that there are injustices in the Galaxy. At our very core, we’re dedicated to stopping piracy, terrorism and any other negative force that can harm innocent players.

Adle’s Armada is based out of the legendary system of Eravate, the most attacked and well defended player group controlled system in the game. We have a need for both dedicated PvP and PvE players. Our RP would be considered that of law enforcement or “Judge Dredd.” Check out our Official INARA page on more information about us, our history and on how to join! We are a large, very well organized group of players. Our rank structure is very different from many other groups and that it is fluid.. Everyone from the bottom up has an equal say in operations and we do not force players to be on at certain times.

Recently we have relaxed our stringent “PvP Federation ONLY” RP and have happily recruited PvE and new players into our ranks, as well as some non-Federal players that share our ideals of a positive play experience and showing players that there IS something they can do to change the galaxy for the better.

At the Heart of Galactic Events

We’ve been active since launch in December 2014 and have been a big part of almost every large engagement, part of in-game news and the official Frontier Development newsletters and on the official Frontier Developments Facebook/Twitter page.

We are at the heart of current events in the Galaxy. Our recent achievements including winning Season 1 of the Galactic PvP League undefeated, preventing terrorists from delivering an Unknown Artefact to an Eravate outpost in Frontier’s ‘Educating Ed’ Ep.14 and destroying 17 criminal ships that came to Eravate with the announced intention of killing new players for a livestream. If you’d like to read more about these widely-discussed matters see for example:

Adle’s Armada Win PvP League Undefeated:

Educating Ed Ep.14: Adle’s Armada Official Statement:

Destruction of ‘chrono-charidy’ criminals in Eravate:

Our Lore & RP Leader

Our RP leader – Tyllerius Adle III, born into the Federal dynasty, Adle’s Armada originally founded in 2900 under the name “41st Securities Squadron” under Post Commander Tyllerius Adle by the Federal Navy to keep law and order in the lawless system of Ngaliba and surrounding systems, an area of space once a haven for pirates and criminals. In 3200, due to the 41st Securities Squadron’s proximity to the Liaedin system they were specifically chosen to take part in a top secret operation with Imperial security forces to face a yet to be unclassified threat to humanity. In 3256 Tyllerius Adle II broke his combat force off of this top secret inter-factional alliance for an unknown reason, a clash of morality between Adle and his Imperial counterparts was heavily speculated, but never confirmed. Due to this split and the Federal Navy’s backlash, the 41st SS was disassembled and renamed Adle’s Armada by its remaining members and moved their HQ to Eravate where they work to ensure all commanders can fly in relative safety. In 3301 with the death of his father, Tyllerius Adle III was put in place as chairman of Adle’s Armada of Eravate and began building back up his elite combat force to provide defense to those who need defending.

Joining Adle’s Armada

All you need to do is register HERE for Inara under your CMDR name which takes only a minute and click the “join Adle’s Armada now!” banner on the right of our wing page. You will be accepted before too long.

Pop onto our TeamSpeak

Our Teamspeak is an open server and you do not require a password.

Just connect your Teamspeak client to and wait for a member to drag you down to the ops room or someone meets you in the lobby. If you get in and don’t see anyone, don’t panic! If you are new to the server and have no tags, you will not be able to see anyone or join any of the rooms so please wait until someone greets you and gives you tags.

For more details on joining click HERE

Griefer Investigations

The security of Eravate and protection of new players has always been our primary goal. We do not tolerate the killing of innocent CMDR’s or the hunting of new players. If you have a griefer problem or have witnessed atrocities being carried out, then we can help.

We take these submissions very seriously! Submissions from unnamed or inaccurate commander names will be ignored. Please only submit requests for investigations around Eravate or systems with an active CG within the last week or so. Click HERE to submit a request for investigation.